martedì 23 dicembre 2014

Tutorial: How to make a tassle.

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A tassle is a decoration made from thread or wool.  Mostly tassles are used to decorate soft-furnishing like curtains, cushions etc and are also used on clothes, jewellery, hats and hoods.

We can create different sizes of tassles by using different thickness of thread or wool. 

I had to sew some degree hats with a tassle on the top (tutorial - how to sew a degree's hat),  and to save some money I decided to create my own tassles and luckily I also found in my work box, the exact colour of embroidery thread I needed.

  • embroidery thread or wool  (the thicker the thread, the thicker the tassle),
  • a piece of cardboard 6cm wide. The length has to be the same as your tassle's finished length.
  • scissors


Knot the thread around the cardboard's length.  Now you have to wrap the thread on the cardboard several times, until you reach the volume required.
My thread was not very thick and I wrapped it 50 times around the cardboard, even because I didn't desire a thick tassle.

When you reach the desired volume, cut the thread.  Leave the thread on the cardboard.

Now,  we have to form a cord from the same thread we are using. I created a plaided cord with 18 theads.  If  your thread is thicker or you are using wool,  reduce the threads to 12 or 6 (the number of threads you use, has to be divided in three parts, because we need three bunches of thread to form a plaid).

The length of the threads to form the plaid has to be 3 times the finished plaid.  For example:  if we need a plaid 6cm long, we have to cut the threads 18cm long.
Place these threads under the wrapped thread on the cardboard.  Pull until you reach two equal lengths and make a knot.

Separate the threads in three bunches and make a plaid.  When you reach the desired length, knot the thread to stop the plaid from opening.

Now you can take out the thread from the cardboard. Cut the edges at the lower part of the tassle, exactly at the centre.

The last step is to wrap the thread several times 1cm / 1,5cm under the top of the tassle.  Wrap the thread until you reach the desired thickness and length.   Knot the thread and cut the ends to the same length of the tassle.

And you tassle is ready to be hanged.

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