giovedì 25 dicembre 2014

Tutorial: Christmas decoration in cross-stitch.


I have started to work cross stitch many years ago and surely its the manual work that I love most. Over the years I did several projects to gift to friends, but unfortunately I have no pictures of my creations.
Since I became a mum for the second time,  time is never enough to cope with all the family needs, and I gave up on cross-stitch until last month a friend told me that she was looking for a birth sampler, for the birth of her daughter. She didn’t know that cross-stitch is one of my passions, so I surprised her with a lovely present.

This was what I needed to get me started again. I took some time to organise all my cross stitch threads , needles and patterns and as it was December I decided to start with cross-stitching two Christmas decorations for my kids.

Personalised Christmas Decorations. 

  • styrofoam ball (circumference 30cm),
  • satined fabric,  
  • aida fabric, 
  • 50cm cord and some ribbon, 
  • thread and needle for cross-stitch, 
  • scissors, nailfile, cutter and sewing pins,
  • glue-gun.


Insert a sharp cutter all around the circumference of the styrofoam ball, to form a sort of gap. It should be about 3mm deep. 

I found some red satin in my work box and I decided to use it.
By the way whenever I start a new creation, I always try to use material available at home, before buying new material. So I opted on red, but you can use other Christmas colours like gold, silver, green and blue. 

Next step is to measure the circumference of the ball and cut the material you have chosen in a circle with a diameter that measures half the ball's circumference plus 1cm. In my case the ball's circumference was 30cm, so my circle in fabric measured 16cm in diameter.
Now comes the tricky part. Pin the material on the top of the ball with some sewing pins and slowly start to insert the edge of the material in the gap you have created before, with a metal nail file. I inserted the material in four cardinal points and then slowly the rest of the material, trying to smooth the pleats as much as possible. Do not worry if you have little pleats, they will be later covered. 

Next step is to cut the aida fabric to the same measurement of the previous circle. Choose your cross stitch pattern and after finding the centre of the aida fabric, cross stitch it.

When you are satisfied with your work, repeat the same procedure you have used with the coloured material i.e. tuck in the edge of aida fabric in the gap. Cut off any excess material.

At the centre top I inserted a loop which I formed from some ribbon, in able to hang the ball.  To cover the gap where the fabric has been inserted, I used a red cord which I glued using the glue gun and finally a little red bow on top.


Hope you enjoy this and thanks for following.


by stefy.