venerdì 17 marzo 2017

Hand-made, low-cost, recycled Pirate's Carnival Costume.

Final decision on carnival costume for this year has been taken.   The choice was between dressing up my little man as a policeman or as a pirate and he opted for the pirate's costume.  I'm glad about it because even though the work is almost the same i.e. jacket, shirt and trousers, the policeman's costume needs to be perfect in details, whilst I can use some fantasy in creating the pirate's costume.

I decided on a white shirt, a red long jacket,  black trousers and waistcoat and then of course I have to prepare a pair of black boots and a hat or a bandana.   So I went in search the fabrics.  I found a piece of white cotton fabric and a piece of black jersey.  I thought to use the white cotton for the shirt,  but I wasn't sure about using the jersey for the trousers.  So I had a look in my wardrobe and I found a shirt of mine which I  didn't wear anymore because it was too tight for me.  It was a  red, black and silver stripped shirt, perfect for a pirate's jacket.  Whilst searching I also found a white body shirt which I could easily transform.

 Luckily it fitted my son almost perfectly and after some alterations I had it done.
I unsewed off the sleeves because there was too much gathering.  I took off all thegathering and narrowed the upper part of the sleeve to fit in the sleeve hole and sewed back the sleeve.  I cut the bottom part because it was a body shirt and did a normal hem.  I took off  the pocket and the darts to give it a masculine cut.  Being a feminine shirt, I also thought of  changing the side of buttons and buttonholes, but at the end I decided not to change sides, because the closing will be covered by a  lace jabot. I also added some  lace frill on the sleeves hem.
The shirt.

Pocket and sleeve removed

Narrowed sleeve and shortened shirt.

Pattern and cutting the front border.

Being a very tight fit model and and my son being a big boy it fitted him well as a Jacket.  So I started off by shortening the sleeves.  Then I thought to decorate it by adding a red border on the front and on the sleeves. First I made a paper patterns and used some red satin fabric which I had at home to create the borders.   After cutting out the fabric, I pinned it in place and then sewed all the borders.
I didn't like the result because the red of the fabric and the red of the stripe were a bit different.  So I gave it a try by adding some ribbons.  I sewed a silver ribbon to cover the seam which I had to gather a bit to fit exactly and then to have a contrast I sewed black ribbon on the red part of the shirt and red ribbon on the stripped part.  I did the same work on the bottom part of the sleeve.
I shortened the shirt  and attached two large buttons and prepared the buttonholes and the Jacket was ready.  To be honest I wasn't very sure on the result, but I had no more time and fabric to prepare something else.


At this point I had to buy a metre ok black satin fabric for the trousers.  
I placed another pair of trousers on the fabric to avoid taking the
pattern,  I cut the fabric and then sewed the trousers, with elastic in the waist hem.

I bought 40cm of black foamfabric (fabric with a layer of thin foam already attached). I then prepared a paper pattern for the boots by  placing a shoe on the paper and drawing the outline of the shoe.  I cut the pattern about two or three cm bigger then the outline and then tried it several times on my son's foot (wearing shoes), before I obtained the 'almost perfect' pattern.

I prepared the jabot with four layers of lace. Read how to make a Jabot.

I wanted to buy a ready made pirate's hat, but my son didn't like it, so we opted for a bandana.   Some years back my daughter has also been dressed as a pirate, so I re-used the scarf she had used as a bandana.  I shortened it a bit, becaused it was very long, and I sewed it to form a bandana.  I attached a fake knot and skeloton's badge.

Punto dopo punto by Stefy!